Densholme Classroom

New Classroom at Densholme, Hatfield, East Yorkshire

Densholme Classroom entrance

Entrance to New Classroom

This timber framed classroom was built to provide multi-functional space for a local charity.  The building is heavily insulated and incorporates warm water underfloor heating powered by an air source heat pump.  The building is orientated to the south with large glazed elements on the southern side but only minimal glazing to the north – which maximises heat gain from the sun and minimises heat loss to the colder north elevation.  A solar control canopy shades the southern side to minimise glare and prevent overheating on sunny days.  Bi-folding doors allow the classroom to be opened up onto the adjacent grassed area.   A new highway access,  drive and parking facilities were also constructed as part of the project.


Constructed in 2011 by Kemp Developments Ltd – Award Winning Builders & Joinery Contractors